Allkarts.com is the largest platform for Indian Artisans, Weavers, Self-help Groups (SHGs), NGOs, Co-operative Societies and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises to market their handicraft products across the globe.
One of the prime objectives of Allkarts.com is to support Indian artisans and weavers and contribute to their socio-economic development by marketing their products and ensuring fair prices for their products. Handicrafts and handlooms have been a source of livelihood for generations of India’s craftsmen.
India is a land of diversities. People of different religions and cultures live here and hence crafts and weaving vary from region to region in India. India has a wide range of handicraft products, which include homeware, decorative items, gift items, home textiles, furnishings, floor coverings, furniture, Christmas decorations, candles, fashion jewelry, accessories, etc.
Artisans and weavers use eco-friendly materials to make their products which provide an alternative to the products produced by the industry. These handcrafted products are superior to any machine-made products.
At Allkarts.com, we have developed a system for procuring these handicrafts and handloom products through our empaneled Artisans, Weavers, Self-help Groups (SHGs), NGOs, Co-operative Societies and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. These are then exported and made easily available to art lovers across the world.

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Uttar Pradesh Is One of the Major Exporting States of Handicrafts.